Pumpkins With A Purpose

Once upon a time we had an idea to grow a little pumpkin patch for our grandkids. But, ideas are like pumpkins. A little seed becomes a wandering vine spotlighted with bright yellow flowers. With a little water and sunshine, small green gourd buds burst into big beautiful orange surprises.


We wondered ...


Why plant a little pumpkin patch when you have the space for a couple thousand to grow?

And why keep the pumpkins and the fun to ourselves when it's much more fun to share?

And could we do something that would help other people simply because we grew pumpkins and invited the community to come?


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Before we planted one seed we decided we would invest all of our hard work to help teenagers who made some mistakes. Something as simple as growing pumpkins can help to grow young adults, too.

Our daughter and son-in-law have dreamed of doing just that. They live in Durham, North Carolina where their dream-Jubilee Home-is finishing construction and will open soon.

Jubilee Home, a 501(c)(3), is a transitional home focused on cultivating life-skills in young men who are returning from incarceration and need a place to call home. It's family-style living for six men and two caregivers. Each young man will stay at Jubilee Home between 6 and 18 months and complete a care plan individually crafted for him. Social workers, mentors, and others will and others will join in their journey to help them grow.


In a community of care there is hope.


So, in 2013, we planted about 1,000 pumpkin seeds in a little patch of ground to help grow hope. Our first harvest was only 200 pumpkins; a summer hail storm damaged the rest. That wasn't nearly enough pumpkins, so we ordered hundreds more before opening our gate that first October weekend. By the 31st of October, almost 1,700 adults and children scrambled through our patch. Families planted memories and we smiled as each visitor carted off pumpkins in all sizes and shapes.

In 2014, we planted about 3,000 pumpkin seeds and our harvest is ready. And each year we continue to plant more with the hope to continue to grow. We've ordered more because there's no shortage of pumpkins, or hope, at the Green Thumbkin Pumpkin Patch.

For more information about Jubilee Home contact: www.jubilee-home.org 

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During the Month of October       Friday's & Saturday's 10am - 5pm Sunday's 12pm - 5pm

 $10 per person gets you all the activities and a pumpkin

.Children under 1 are free.

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